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Pine briquette

pine briquette pine briquette pine briquette

EXW price for 25 palettes (24 tons)


This kind of briquette is most commonly used for coal-fired boilers, boilers for wood, slots boilers, gas boilers, stoves, ovens etc. Less frequently, but still, it is used for fireplaces. Sellers or installers most often recommend deciduous hard wood for fireplaces. Because of the high resin content pine is reluctantly used in fireplaces. Interestingly, in Germany coniferous briquettes are commonly used for fireplaces. The same situation is in case of briquettes available in Polish stores, which are usually made of coniferous sawdust. Pine RUF briquettes offered by PALEKO are the highest quality products. We can guarantee it! As an experienced seller of processed biomass only we have not met with any better briquettes from sawdust and pine. Only after 3 years of testing different species of coniferous agglomerate, we decided to implement this product to our permanent offer. Briquette made of pure pine sawdust, contains no binders, adhesives, chemicals.


  • Packaging - 39 / 20 / 15,5 cm
  • Cube of briquette - 10 / 15,5 / 6,5 cm
  • 1 ton of briquette - 1,3 m3, i.e. 80 / 120 / 140 cm

Chemical parameters

  • Calorific value - 21 370 kJ/kg
  • The heat of combustion - 22 940 kJ/kg
  • Humidity - 7,24 %
  • Ash content - 0,31 %


Fireplaces, solid fuel stoves, stoves, C.O. boilers, heating appliances for solid fuel.