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OLIMP pellet diameter 6 mm

olimp pellet olimp pellet olimp pellet

EXW price for 24 palettes (23,4 t)

Pellet LAVA Stelmet


Pellets of Stelmet brand from Zielona Góra. It is the only one in Poland pellet that meet a very demanding standard EN Plus A1 (new DIN +). In this kind of pellet the attention has been drawn to an even greater hardness, making it less crushing, and achieving maximum calorific value. Thanks to the starches added in the small mixture to the sawdust, besides of achieving the parameters listed above, this pellet has increased the already high ash melting temperature. That means that it does not leave any sinters or scale. The company Stelmet describes this kind of pellet as a "pellet for demanding customers" – such are the customers of these goods.