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Oak wood pellet diameter 8 mm

oak wood pellet oak wood pellet oak wood pellet

EXW price for 24,6 palettes (24 t)


This kind of pellet appeared in our offer in 2011 and from the very beginning has been gaining larger and larger group of customers. Deciduous sawdust, noble oak tree - all this had an impact on high demand. Hardwood – oak does not dirty chimney openings, as it happens in case of pine or spruce, which was also noticed by the customers. This pellet is produced from its own sawdust, so that the quality and its composition is fully under control. This is very important in the production of a high quality pellet. The granulate itself is produced on the specially prepared, reamed dies of Italian manufacturer of devices destined for pellets production. The reaming is necessary due to the fact that oak sawdust has very little resin and bonding it to the form of pellets was quite a big challenge. A very attractive price is an additional motivation for our customers to purchase this kind of pellet. Pellets made of pure oak sawdust, contains no binders, adhesives, chemicals.

Chemical parameters

  • Calorific value - 17 960 kJ/kg
  • The heat of combustion - 20 240 kJ/kg
  • Humidity - 4,42 %
  • Ash content - 0,32 %
  • Density - 696 kg/m3


Pellet Boilers, furnaces with feeders, fireplaces equipped with basket for pellet, replacement for coal.


oak wood pellet certificate1 oak wood pellet certificate2