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Birch briquette

birch briquette birch briquette birch briquette

EXW price for 25 palettes (24 tons)


This kind of RUF made of birch sawdust is created from the remains of production of blank furniture for Ikea (the largest seller and manufacturer of furniture in the world). We have been cooperating with this producer before they had started to produce briquettes in the shape of a cube. The owners of stoves, types of ovens called "goats" and fireplaces are mainly the customers who buy this kind of briquette. Due to the fact that it is somehow "weaker" than the other briquette from our website, it is mainly considered as a kindling for wet wood or coal. We encourage you to test this kind of briquette and give us your opinion. These briquettes are made of pure birch sawdust, contains no binders, adhesives, chemicals.


  • Packaging - 40 / 19,5 / 15,5 cm
  • Cube of briquette - 10 / 15,5 / 6,5 cm
  • 1 ton of briquette - 1,3 m3, i.e. 80 / 120 / 140 cm

Chemical parameters

  • Calorific value - 18 322 kJ/kg
  • The heat of combustion - 18 839 kJ/kg
  • Humidity - 6,08 %
  • Ash content - 0,36 %


Fireplaces, solid fuel stoves, stoves, C.O. boilers, heating appliances for solid fuel.