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History and aim

PALEKO- Ecological Fuel Materials Company appeared on the market in October 2007. From the beginning of our existence on the market the most important factors for us became development, permanent extension of our offer and searching for the best Polish suppliers in our region. Since 2007 to this day we have been trying to be a leader on the processed biomass market in our region. We put emphasis on customer’s satisfaction, resulting not only from the quality, but also from the price of our products.


Mission, that we chose from the beginning of our existence on the market, is to convince the Polish society that fuels offered by us, such as pellets and briquettes, are very easy to use and at the same time ecologically friendly.

Weight and quality policy

We look for goods from all over the country, which have the best quality and at the same time good price. We also draw much attention to the weight of the packaging and the quality of the products we offer.

Before the product is listed as our standard product it has to go through several tests in the following stages:

First stage is the analysis of a raw material from which is produced as we are interested only in pure products- bark, MDF, sand, plate free. Products containing these elements are not taken into account at all!

The second stage is the quality of the product itself. Pellet as well as briquette have to leave vestigial amount of ash, which cannot be parched in temperatures in the hearth.

In case of favourable results the product gets into our permanent offer.

The weight of briquette and pellet is checked by us randomly. We take weight measurements of several bags or a whole palette. If there is a difference in weight below 2% of the nominal weight, than the producer is informed about this and a complaint will be claimed to him. If the weight is over 2% of the nominal weight, it is to your advantage. Interestingly, we can add that for the last three years we have been trading goods which weight was determined as 10 kg whereas middleweight from 1 ton came to 10,5 kg. As a result, you’ve been receiving 1050 kg of real fuel. This product still appears in our offer and we do not raise its price despite the ‘’overweight’’ of the product.